Climate Change Clock Created by Two Artists

The Manhattan Metronome Clock has been altered for the 1st time in two decade. Located at Union Square in Manhattan, this prominent public arts project took over New York City in 1999. It’s displayed the hours, minutes, and seconds until midnight per day. The Metronome Clock has told the time for millions of New Yorkers & Tourists, making it an iconic landmark for Manhattan.

The 62-Foot-Wide & 15-Digit Electronic Clock has faced an onslaught of conspiracy theories in recent years, a foolish concept that comes from individuals uneducated on the Metronome’s creation. It’s been believed by prominent news sources that digits represent the amount of rainforest destroyed per year or is potentially tracking the global population. Mathematicians have proved multiple times that Metronome’s Clock dates the hours, minutes, and seconds until midnight per day.

However, for the first time in the Metronome Clock’s history, it’s 24-Hour measuring cycle is being altered. Artists Andrew Boyd & Gan Golan have introduced a timeline that represents the irreversible moment when climate change won’t be solvable any longer. There’s been considerable backlash to “The Metronome Clock 20th Anniversary Expo”.

Artists presuming the timeframe that humanity has to solve climate change isn’t accurate information, and a large percentage that witness the yearly measuring timeline, will believe it real. Andrew Boyd & Gan Golan believe that there is little more than seven years available to stop climate change. Reviewing general information would’ve shown these artists that most scientists anticipate that around 2100, the effects of climate change would become reversable. Eight decades is mentally relieving in-comparison to several years.

Gan Golan calls for change

Local news outlets in New York City interviewed Gan Golan, who stated that using the Metronome Clock is their method to shout from the rooftops that something must change. Golan would then make the ignorant statement of “The world is literally counting on us”, with Gan believing that the Climate Metronome Clock will have positive implications on society. This hopeful & egotistical mindset would likely result positive reactions for Golan, with the average New Yorker haven’t noticed the timeline change when asked by reporters.