Chinese Art Thanking COVID-19 Nurses & Doctors

Tributes for doctors and nurses are being created by artists worldwide. These artworks will become cemented in history, recognizing the pain and suffering that was felt throughout this period. The latest artist to create a tribute is Roy Wang, who implemented unique photography techniques to create a light painting. The photograph saw a model dressed in a hazmat suit be surrounded by heavenly wings. Protective gear was used to symbolize medical workers worldwide, with the wings symbolizing the 50+ thousand that have died globally.

The unknown model didn’t move for a prolonged period while the camera shutter remained open. Roy Wang used LED Lights built for this technique, moving around his subject strategically. This enables the heavenly wings to be created. Local news agencies would question Wang through his social media accounts. Roy expressed that medical workers in China are named “The Angels in White” and that this photograph respects his community of healthcare professionals.

Roy Wang saw significant suffering throughout China, which saw one of the largest regions become shut down for a prolonged period. Wuhan hasn’t been heard from for three months, ever since COVID-19 broke out on December 31st. It’s recorded that thirty-four healthcare professionals passed away while saving those with COVID-19. Roy Wang dedicated his artistic photograph to these fallen defenders.

The 2nd Photograph

Roy Wang photographed two “Light Paintings” before releasing them to the public via Instagram & other social media campaigns. This photograph depicted the novel coronavirus, which was created with a Neon Green Light. Shapes displayed in this photograph resemble the COVID-19 Strain, which has been seen worldwide in news headlines.

This isn’t the end of Roy Wang and his Light Paintings. He’s announced his next project, which will be named “Light the World”. It’ll be a combination of inspiring words from healthcare professionals and medical experts from across the world. Wang finished his social media remarks by expressing that COVID-19 is a global pandemic and that he hopes his art provided a moment’s relief during these uncertain times. Humanity will survive this plague, and we’ll become a better species from connecting. Roy Wang has a positive outlook of the fallout for COVID-19.