Central Academy of Fine Arts Grand Opening Delayed

The coronavirus has been affecting numerous industries worldwide. The tourism market has lost billions in the last week and is creating a standstill with international fears on travelling. The importing and exporting markets through the Chinese economy have been gridlocked as well. This follows after 170 Chinese Nationals have been killed by this deadly virus, with it continuing to spread and affect hundreds worldwide. It’s considered the worst air-born illness since SARS. Chinese culture is also being influenced, with numerous artistic institutions facing unlikely scenarios throughout the last several days. They’ve been forced to shut down operations until all concerns relating to coronavirus have dissipated. 

It was confirmed this week that the Central Academy of Fine Arts, which was expected to open by February 20th, has cancelled their grand opening indefinitely. The CAFA Director provided information regarding the new date. During their announcement, this museum expressed that reducing mass gatherings is the responsibility of all Chinese nationals. This will lower the outbreak percentages in various Chinese states, which prompted CAFA to postpone their opening. This has caused severe inconveniences to artists that had expected exhibits to display. However, the director confirmed that these individuals wouldn’t take those placements with the future grand opening. 

Biggest Cancellation to Date

This is the most significant cancellation confirmed when it applies to Chinese culture. The Central Academy of Fine Arts is following the Hong Kong Art Basel, which received multiple cancellations following the consistent violent protests in the democratic nation. It’s anticipated that another cancellation will follow the Hong Kong Art Basel with the coronavirus. Subsequently, that specific event would be postponed by twelve months. Multiple galleries for the Art Basel requested that it be terminated, with safety more on the minds of Hong Kong citizens than the pride of art. It’s unknown when all fears relating to the coronavirus outbreak will disappear, meaning it could be months before artistic culture in China or Hong Kong is revitalized. 

The ironic nature behind the CAFAs first event named the Techne Triennial was centred around altering visitors’ sense of reality. Considering that the way of life for Chinese Nationals has been wholly changed, those who would’ve attended this event are receiving an entirely different form of reality. 130 Exhibitions were slated for this event, which would’ve allowed guests to consume thousands of pieces of artwork.