Millions of Dollars in Art at the Encore Casino

Casinos in Las Vegas do not focus on attracting players with modest budgets. The millions spent on the design and artwork of the Encore Casinos comes as no great surprise. It is quite the challenge to point out one specific art piece but then again when it is a 20 feet high sculpture; the others do move into the background.

Meet Popeye the 20-Foot-High Giant Statue at the Encore Casino

The one art piece that has everyone talking is the giant statue of Popeye the Encore Casino placed at the outside entrance. The giant statue comes at a total cost of $28 million and is sure to make an impression on all visitors.

Paintings from Paris Antique Dealer

The casino takes great pride in the paintings of dainty jewellery in the lady’s room closest to the lobby. Roger P Thomas, an art guru, found the pictures in Paris from an antique dealer. There is no doubt that it will offer a sense of pure indulgence to visitors as it beautifully combines with the onyx vanity sinks imported from Italy’s Forte Dei Marmi.

Estimated Cost Spent on Encore Casino Reaches $2.6 Billion.

The Encore Casino is the new glitzy leader in the casino industry; its cost is estimated at no less than $2.6 billion. This new giant in Las Vegas is the latest 33-acre waterfront development, and it is the most significant private development in the history of the state. The casino is part of Wynn Resorts, and Jeff Koons created its statue of Popeye that came at the cost of $28 million. Apart from the giant statue, visitors are also greeted by thousands and thousands of fake jewels and flowers.

Stay Over at Encore at $650 per Night to Enjoy Hours of Casino Play.

Staying in one of the five-star rooms in the hotel starts at the cost of $650 per night. The hotel and casino resort feature 15 lounges and dining rooms, a day spa and the casino floor: 210,000-square feet.

Drinks from the Bar Available to Gamblers until 4 AM

The Encore Casino features many table games including roulette, blackjack and poker. When you get comfortable at one of the tables, you can rely on excellent service from the bar until 4 AM.

Revenue Predictions for the Encore Casino

Professor, Paul DeBolle in Newton at the Lasell College predicts that the resort will have a turnover in revenue from gambling alone of around $600 million in the first year. The goal by the Encore Casino is to have revenue of $800 million within one year.

25% of Revenue Will Go to State

The lawmakers in the state are even more conservative and project the first-year income of $540 million. Whatever the revenue of the Encore Casino is, the state will take a cut of 25% of all gambling revenues at the casino.

Gamification: Missions, Fun & Rewards

Player-centred game designs are one thing, but still, the developers have to keep several facts in mind. When it comes to mechanics, the players still need to be able to manage the amount of cash they spend on the game, and there are ethical considerations.

Casino game designers adding gamification elements to online games create missions that keep the player challenged. These need to be monitored and measure to study the enjoyment level of the player. Also, the age or sex of the player to create even more engaging games, although the designer still needs to keep legal considerations in mind.

When it comes to motivating the player to play the game, the number of players that finds the appealing match needs to be monitored. At the same time, prolonged play and spending by the player need to remain at a fun level.

Gamification Ranking Leaderboard

Casino game designers first studied gamers behaviour to learn what they find appealing and fun. What they get hooked on and those game features are now re-designed to be added to casino games.

Most video games have leader boards; the player wants to monitor his/her achievement and measure it against fellow players success. Top players like to see their ranking in their own country and worldwide, which means when they’re number one in their country, they start chasing world-leaders.

Gamification Statistics – What They Reveal

The only way we already learn in creating the perfect game is by studying player behaviour. Not all results tell you what keeps them playing; the results also show you what makes the player leave the game. This is important not only in-game design but also counts in the marketing-strategy used to promote the game.

What is the Perfect Game?

But, while we keep focussing on the creation of the perfect game, what is meant by the ideal match. Casino developers, owners and software providers have a very definite description: The game would improve the lifetime expectancy, it would extend players playtime meaning instead of playing it a few times. The player will return over several months.

What is the Best Marketing Strategy When It Comes to Online Casino Games?

The top way to get players to at least try the game is by offering it in free play mode. This way, the player can play for free and get to know the challenges and see the rewards. Success means that the player wants to become part of the playing community. He/she want to win the virtual awards and show off the badges and trophies. Most of all they get a taste of maybe getting their name onto the leaderboard. The main goal: the player becomes a top achiever and is not satisfied with only being the best in the game, but in the country and then aims to become the best worldwide.

Gamification: Designs That are Player-Centred

There is a new technique in casino gaming design; it is one in which the designer adds gameplay type-elements into non-gaming situations. This is called gamification, and it is used to provide a more player or user engaging environment or service.

It is the weaving of fun features into casino games, it adds in non-monetary rewards such as trophies and badges, little prizes that means a lot to the player. The addition of leader boards hugely increases the player’s desire to be the best.

Why Would You Want Your Name at the Top?

It means the player play longer to reach a higher or the highest position on the scoreboard. This is a reward in itself, all players can view the scoreboard, and with your name at the top, others know you are a top achiever. When you reach the number one position, you earn the highest prizes, so the reward is two-fold, you are seen as the best, and you win big!

Gamification and the UX Phenomenon in the 21st Century

Gamification fuels player engagement and by injecting more fun into the games and offer new incentives to the top players, play is prolonged. Casino use step-tracking devices and players enjoy the challenges. It is a great way to go into relax-mode over a weekend after a long week at work.

It inspires players to log in and participate, while it offers designers a whole new structure of designing. The goal is reaching the ultimate experience, less boredom and a whole lot more rewards. This way, players not only earn cash rewards; the rewards system is more frequent as it does not always include a cash-valued compensation.

Pitfalls in Gamification from a Designer Perspective

There is a massive challenge in perfecting gamification and several pitfalls to overcome; the three biggest pitfalls are the following:

Building the Perfect Game:

Gamification focuses on one thing, and that is to motivate the player to play longer to achieve a certain level or position on the scoreboard. For the designer, it means creating a fun environment in which the player wants to play and is not tricked into doing things they’d later regret. There is a thin line between the two.

Magic Design

The system the designer used, to gamify the game much be attractive; it needs to appeal to the player and at the same time, offer great virtual and monetary rewards.


Overdoing the features used to bring gamification could ultimately defeat the goal of giving players incentives vs completing tasks. The balance is almost more important than the challenge or design.

How Do You Get Gamification Perfect?

When you ask the design experts, it is clear that the creators of games need to know the player desires. They need to know which missions the player finds worth taking part in and what rewards are worth it for the player to try and achieve. It does not end there; the games need to be monitored to find out what type of player like the challenges, the age, sex and money spent by the players. How do they use the information? Find out next week!

Style Stakes, Spectators, Fashion and Horse Racing

Who could ever have imagined that the relationship between women’s fashion, which is a refined art form and horseracing could become as vital as it did? There are not much that exists in the form of literature regarding the actual clothes that women wore over the ages to huge betting events such as horse racing.

Getting Your Wardrobe Horse-Racing Event Ready

Maybe it is not only horse racing events that require you to study the latest style trends but also F1 racing; the Monaco race comes to mind. But for now, we stick to racegoers in the United States to learn more about the art of getting your wardrobe to cater for the sporting spectatorship.

Climatic Condition Impacts on the Art of Dressing Up for the Races

The first thing to take into consideration is the climatic conditions part of the art of dressing for the race-going occasion. It is outdoors and to be photo-ready and wore well enough to appear in the fashion magazines, well it could be quite the challenge. New York is one of the leading centres where the next or new sporty trends are set, regardless of the art form you are thinking about whether it is sportswear or the clothes you’d wear to a race.

1936, What Did the High-Society Wear to the Races?

There is one way to try and find out just what the well-to-do considered fashion years ago, but not all charity shops stock such as old fashion. In New York City, you could find such displays in a few glass cabinets. The front of the shop also displays a few photographs taken in 1936 at the Epson racecourse, so you do get a glimpse of the fashion in the UK, at the time.

Do You Have the Eye of an Artist – It All Counts, Hairdo’s, Perfume & Headgear?

If you love historical artforms, what could be better fashion that of the rich who had all the money they could spend on dressing up for horse racing events? Dressing up is an art form that includes all types of bodily adornments such as hairstyles, perfumes and headgear. In high-society social circles it the race day attire signifies status and wealth.

Dressing Up is an Artform that Signifies Your Wealth Status

There is one thing you can’t overlook, and that is that when you belong to such a restrictive environment, you need to present yourself accordingly, membership is not enough your dress display makes the difference. Whether the dress code states formal or informal, you know it is all about the societal expectations. Racecourse dressing codes have little to do with the symbolic and the material or artform of styling, which matters.

There are many articles written about the psychological and emotional attachments of such fashion. The human desire is to present a tremendous visual shape to what will be remembered later. What is most important in the way of art is the contribution the attendants make to this high-class event.

Royal Ascot: Union Jack, Fruit Basket, Shoe and Pompom Hats

There are five days of horse racing in England that everyone who is someone agrees is the most important of the year. The Royal Ascot is not only the best horse racing event it is also a major event on the social calendar in Britain. The Royal Ascot means something different to everyone, it is the meeting place of all the la-di-das, the socialites and the most flush. While some join the fashion parade to show off their designer’s handy work and talent, other places bets on their favourite horses. This continues for five days, which means designers need to dig deep and create an array of attention-gripping outfits.

Dressing Code at the Royal Ascot

If you plan to spend some time in the Royal Enclosure, which is more exclusive than most know, you are required to wear a top hat and tails. The guests dress up in everything from the latest to morning suits. The fashion remains artsy, outrageous and even extravagant. Hats play a major role and it has a definite statement to make in both art and fashion. The list of different hats is endless, there are designer hats made entirely from feathers in bright colours, others are simply decorating the hats. Some represent the union jack and others simply compliment the outfit.

Make the Ascot as Memorable as The Imagination of the Hat Designer’s

Hat artists stop at nothing to make this day of horse betting remarkable and memorable. Shoes no longer end the fashion statement; it starts it when it is the main item used in the latest hats. The shoes used in hats have high heels, its designer shoes obviously, who would parade with a commercially available hat or shoe on their head. The colour of the shoes is important, so is the added decorations that include lace, butterflies or even special netting.

To top off any fashion statement the head-wear can also resemble a bouquet, a whole fruit basket or some bronze gears most loved by steampunk supporters. The stilettos might be removed after hours of parading your taste in fashion, but the hat stays, it is the Ascot! The guys in striped and plain morning suits, some rented, and others especially tailored for the occasion remind of Monopoly guys, a visitor remarked once.

Bookmakers & Punters Dress Up for the Royal Ascot

The punters and bookmakers dress up in top hats and tails for the five-day Royal Ascot. The bookmakers are the fast talkers and some wear flowers in their lapels. The call-outs from the bookies at times tell the well-to-dos to step forward if they’d like to wager. Just before the start of a race, the invitation is a bit more direct, it even might have an urgency tone to it. This time it is gents, come on, step on it, no reason to be shy, place your bets now. By the end of the day, the bookmakers pack-up their laptops, as they leave the only thing left is a lawn littered by tons of discarded betting slips.

Selecting the Picture- Perfect Gambling Tattoo

Last week we learned a bit more about the history of tattoos and this week we can finally focus on what is considered the best gambling tattoo. The designs selected is based on statistics produced by professional tattoo artist around the globe.

The most popular of all gambling tattoos worldwide is the Lady Luck tattoo that is also seen as the classiest of the lot. This is the tattoo that most gentlemen want as they believe is that the lady luck has the power to give winnings to those who keep her close. Other tattoos most desired by males include a striking woman that is blindfolded; this symbolizes a nature of chance that is non-discriminatory. Another great option is the goddess, together with a full house and a pair of dice, which means the possibilities are endless, and sometimes the result is quite remarkable.

Tattoo of the Joker Card

The joker tattoo was famous and prevalent long before the movies, and it makes for a great art piece if done professionally. The joker is not associated with Batman at all as he is first and foremost the centre character in gambling. , and in some games such as poker, it is the wild card. The age-old saying is that should you hold a pair of jacks it is the same as having jokers.

Roulette Wheel Tattoo

It might sound a bit odd, but some of the people who have gambling tattoos have never set foot in a casino. They love the gambling-inspired tattoos that appear both savvy and cool. The roulette wheel as a tattoo option is more popular than most people would think and one of those considered as a basic tattoo. It is classic, can be as colourful as you wish, and it also offers a feel of Vegas. It is and remains one of the most requested and with thousands loving it, it might be engraved in more bodies than you care to know.

Playing Cards or Playing Cards’ Elements Tattoo Design

Other tattoos that are both popular and classic is a deck of cards, and this tattoo is most added to the chest or even on people’s hands. What it is mostly all about is to show off your passion for gambling.

The Most Love is the Dead Man’s Hand Tattoo

Classify it as you want the most meaningful or the most beautiful of all gambling tattoos. Some might even call it the most meaningful tattoo of all those relating to gambling. In poker, if you end up with two black eights and two black aces, you could be on your way to a dead man’s hand. But then it is also a prevalent symbol in pop-culture as it represents wisdom and caution. The old Western folk found different inspiration from this as Wild Bill got killed while he held these cards. It is where the combination got named as the dead man hand.

Super Bowl Wins! – Who Has the Most

If your guess is the New England Patriots or the Pittsburgh Steelers, you’d be right in both cases as the two teams are tied with six wins each.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The highly trained Pittsburgh Steelers team is based in Pennsylvania and made it to the Super Bowl a total number of eight times. During the eight times, the team managed to win it six times. The wins occurred in 2008, 2005, 1979, 1978, 1975 and 1974.

New England Patriots

Based in Boston, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl six times, and the wins took place in 2019, 2017, 2015, 2005, 2004 and 2002. The race is on between the team and the Pittsburgh Steelers to become the official winning of the most super bowl wins.

Future Super Bowl Championships

  • 2nd February 2020 – Super Bowl LIV scheduled at Hard Rock Stadium based in Miami Gardens, Florida.
  • 7th February 2021 – Super Bowl LV takes place at the Raymond James Stadium based in Florida, Tampa.
  • 6th February 2022 – The Super Bowl LVI will take place in California at the Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park in Inglewood.
  • 5th February 2023 – Super Bowl LVII will take place in Arizona in Glendale at the University of Phoenix.
  • 4th February 2024 the Super Bowl LVIII is scheduled to take place in Louisiana, New Orleans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Wins & Appearances Per Team

  • Appearance by the Pittsburgh Steelers is eight and wins total six
  • The New England Patriots have 11 appearances and six wins
  • The Dallas Cowboys have five wins and eleven appearances
  • Presentation by the San Francisco 49ers totals six and wins total five
  • Green Bay Packers has five appearances and four wins
  • The New York Giants achieved four wins from five appearances
  • Three wins were achieved from eight appearances by the Denver Broncos
  • The Oakland Raiders/Los Angeles had three wins from their five appearances
  • Three wins were achieved from five appearances by the Washington Redskins
  • The Miami Dolphins had two wins from five appearances
  • The Indianapolis Colts / Baltimore enjoyed two wins from five appearances
  • The Baltimore Ravens achieved two gains from two appearances
  • Out of four appearances the Los Angeles Rams / St. Louis had one success
  • One victory was enjoyed out of three appearances by the Seattle Seahawks
  • The Philadelphia Eagles enjoyed one win from three appearances
  • A single win was achieved out of two appearances by the Kansas City Chiefs
  • The Chicago Bears have one win from two appearances
  • The New York Jets had one success from one appearance
  • One victory from one appearance belongs to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This ensures excitement as fans count down the months, weeks and days to the next Super Bowl, it could be the deciding match. The Super Bowl Sunday is now a national holiday, even though it is not yet an official holiday, however. According to statistics is the most-watched sports event and it takes place on the day that is marked as the second-largest in food consumption.

No Art As Great As Perfecting Your Goal

Taking part in sports comes as something so natural to some, but when you overweight like Patrick, it is not that easy. It was the only way he ever was, and he had to make peace with the fact as even in second grade the already hear comments about his weight. It never changed across the years; well, it only got more and worse.

Different in Many Ways, This Makes Staying At Home Easier

Somewhere between all this, he realised he was gay, so he was different than others in more than one way. All these ways also made him avoid sports participation at all costs, he was different, he was fat, and all that was left was to sit on the couch and snack instead. The main Goal was to Lose 141 Pounds to Weight Less than 200 Pounds

By the time Patrick went to college his drinking, eating and snacking habits were entirely out of control and at graduation, Eslick weighed 340 pounds. He now not only had a weight problem, but he also suffered from anxiety and depression. He was the only one that could change it, is slowly convinced himself that if he could only go down to 200 pounds, he will be so much better off.

Take Control of Your Life and See What Happens

As he completed college, he realised that he was responsible for his life, he was no longer a child and anything, and everything was directly related to his decisions. It was time to stop feeling sorry for himself and to start taking care of himself. He told everyone around him that he is changing his lifestyle and take-outs and eating out ended that day. Fast food was no longer a daily routine, and he had to learn how to cook.

Start Partaking in Sports to Enjoy Your Body’s Power

As the weight came off, he thought about running, which was always his first passion, he never did run, but he saw it as something that sets you free. He started running, and the more he ran, the better he felt, the weight dropped off, and he became addicted to the great feel you enjoy after a run.

He lost 100 pounds, and he found everything he always missed in his life, nothing would stop him now. He injured his knee, and when he had to stop running, he took up strength training, he was on a role, and nothing could derail him. He dropped below 200 pounds and participated in marathons, as the weight went he kept feeling better.

In the end, he did not only reach his then weight goal of under 200 pounds, but he also lost 185 pounds. He changed his life by never giving up and believing only in himself. He cooked and exercised, and he felt better all the time, it is possible, and if you continue, you will lose weight. The biggest problem is you, make up your mind and you halfway there, and then exercise and eat right every day.

The Art of Tipping A Blackjack Dealer

Many blackjack players would love to at least tip the dealer when they enjoy a great win. What stops most of the lucky players is that they are not sure how to go about doing this. There are many correct ways to tip, especially if you do it for the right reasons.

Why Tip A Dealer? He Only Did the Job He is Getting Paid For

Whatever your answer is on the question, you’re right. There are no rules that indicated that you should tip a casino blackjack dealer. At the same time, there is also no rule that says you must tip a Uber driver, your barber or a waitress. But you tip these people as you know they work for a minimum wage and rely on a tip to get by. Casino blackjack dealer falls in the same category as the rest of the people you advise.

There is No Rule Book on How Much to Tip a Waiter nor A Dealer

There is no reason to pay the dealer every time you play a few rounds, just like you won’t tip a waitress when you have a quick cup of coffee. The question of how you should tip a casino dealer was answered by a player who enjoys the game for more than forty-five years. He explained that the dealers that never smiles he don’t tip.

Those who are unfriendly, he also never gives a tip. The dealers that make you feel uncomfortable he also never tips, no matter what. But, he never leaves; he also makes a point of mentioning it to the supervisor. He makes it clear that the dealer is the reason he stopped playing.

Tip A Friendly Casino Dealer Who Makes You Feel Welcome

The dealer he tips regardless if he wins or not, are those who make him feel welcome, who are friendly and smiles a lot. There are ways to tip a blackjack dealer, one way that most players do it, is to place a chip on the table when they leave. They tell the dealer that it is for him. The other way many players use is to make a bet on his hand and if he wins the dealer receive the stake and winnings.

Base the Tip of the Dealer on How Much You Bet

The best way is to base the tip of the dealer on the amount you bet. A few dollars as a tip is acceptable if you only place bets worth $5 or even $10. If you like to place bets worth $25, then the suggested advice would be around $5. Leaving one of your uncashed chips for the dealer allow him to either place a bet with it or cash it out. If offers the dealer a choice and most of the time he will take the cash. This is an excellent way if you feel uncomfortable about the tip amount.

The Art of Sports Motivation

Whether you’re a keen sports betting enthusiast, a strong supporter of a specific team or a legendary player. Making it count is the best motivation. Continues exercising show a sports legend what his body is capable off, every professional sports star was way back an amateur. Everyone that is now a sports expert was at one stage a beginner.

Do a Bit Extra, work a Bit Harder, Reach the Top a Bit Quicker

In sports motivation, ten things do not require any talent at all, and these include being on time, effort, energy, passion, attitude, work ethic, doing a bit extra, body language and always being prepared. It is all about believing in the sports star you want to become. Most people believe that sports start greatness belongs only to the chosen few, nothing could be further from the truth, as most of the greatest also worked the hardest. The only limit there is, is that set by you, if you decided you can’t you are 100% correct, but if you believe you can, great things are about to happen.

Guaranteed: You Will Get Exactly What You Work for No Less No More

The big thing that stands in the way of achieving greatness in physical sport is that everyone is looking for a shortcut; there are none. You have to realise that it takes time to create a stronger, better version of who you are today. The result is not only real greatness but also how it makes you feel about yourself. Regardless of who your sports hero is, if you read up on his progress, he or she once was a beginner with big dreams. Your hero failed many times; the key is giving up was never an option. Athletes are not always the strongest, the most talented for even the fastest, to become a top athlete; you need to be the one working the hardest.

Train Today So You Can Be Closer to Your Goal Tomorrow

A great way to start is to remember that you only need to complete training today, what you’ve achieved today you can build on tomorrow. This is the weakest you will be; today will prepare you for tomorrow. It is all about starting and the discipline to continue, it is a primary choice of what you have today in terms of physical strength and fitness and the level you most desire. Don’t allow any obstacle to prevent you from gaining access to that what you desire; only you can decide to miss a workout. The reason to miss a workout is always there. The question is will you grab the right, or will you show your strength in continuing to work for that what you desire. Laugh at reasons as it’s raining, too hot, too cold, I’m tired, I’ll go tomorrow, they all weak excuses, show your strength, and once you are done, you will feel proud of your inner strength.