Asian Prejudice Seen with UK Art Fair

Headlines throughout the global art community shocked thousands when it was revealed that a Vietnamese Curator was terminated because of the Coronavirus. This information was noted on March 5th, with this curator being informed that all Asians are being seen as carries of the Coronavirus. This followed after the British Chief Medical Officer expressed that individuals shouldn’t see Asian citizens as infectious, that this is purely racist.

This Vietnamese curator is being named Nguyen, with the female artist showcasing this racist behaviour through social media accounts. She was approached by Raquelle Azran, another curator and dealer specializing in Vietnamese Fine Art in the contemporary category. Raquelle was fully responsible with Nguyen’s role being terminated with the Affordable Art Show. Miss Azran believes that a Vietnamese presence would create hesitation around their booth.

The title organizers behind the Affordable Art Show publicly stated that they weren’t behind this decision and that it was the sole actions of Raquelle Azran. The event is slated to begin in Battersea, London next week. The AFF Organizers noted that they don’t condone this behaviour and will now hold a formal investigation against Raquelle Azran, indicating that her position has already been terminated.

The official email from Raquelle Azran read that she was sorry to inform Nguyen that her assistance wouldn’t be required at the Affordable Art Show. Azran told the Vietnamese curator that the Coronavirus was creating high anxiety and that Asians are seen as carries of COVID-19. Raquelle Azran believes that the presence of Nguyen would create hesitation for audience guests to enter their exhibition space. Raquelle Azran finished the email by mentioning that she hoped to work with Nguyen again, which won’t be possible going forward.

The Backlash

This Vietnamese curator didn’t take lightly to the racist remarks from Raquelle Azran. It prompted this woman to create a witch-hunt against her former employer. The Vietnamese woman demanded that social media friends share her Instagram and Facebook postings. It inspired more than a million people globally to see the message, including her former employer and the AAF Association.

A spokesperson with this gallery stated that after a mutually agreed-upon decision, Raquelle Azran wouldn’t be provided with the right to attend this gallery. Her racist behaviour is slated to have cost this exhibit holder more than $10,000.00 for the two-day weekend.

Artistic Clothing Through Plastic Bottles

Nigeria isn’t somewhere you’d expect to start adopting the green movement, with the country infamous for having discarded waste in the streets. This isn’t more of reality anywhere else other than Lagos, with one visual artist using it as a means to influence Nigerians towards the green movement. Adeyemi Emmanuel collects thousands of discarded plastic bottles, melts them down and creates various products for his people. This project is being accomplished to raise environmental awareness, with all of Adeyemi’s products relating to fashion. He’s manufactured wallets, bags, clothes, backpacks and gift boxes through these discarded plastic bottles.

Adeyemi Emmanuel maintains a fully-functional craft workshop and often spends twelve hours daily working on his designs. This Nigerian influencer has even begun hiring employees in Lagos to increase the rate of production. Subsequently, this young man is receiving praise from the local government on his efforts. It results in his having more than 10+ thousand followers on Instagram, where a large percentage of his products are sold. You can purchase his fashionable products for anywhere between $22 and $83.

Lagos supports twenty million people in Nigeria, with garbage and litter becoming commonplace. It’s prompted a significant problem for worldwide environmental associations, with a large percentage of Nigeria plastic waste entering their waterways. Lagos Waterways eventually lead to the Gulf of Guinea, resulting in thousands of pounds of plastic entering our oceans weekly. Luckily there are those in Nigeria that want to stop this rate of pollution. Both Nigeria Politicians and the Nigerian Maritime Administration are drafting legislation that will assist with limiting the rate of plastic entering the ocean from their nation.

It should be noted that multiple nations in Africa have already terminated plastic bags, with Kenya supporting some of the strongest laws against single-use plastics. Those that sell these plastic bags can be punished with a fine of $40,000.00 and 4x years in prison. Adeyemi Emmanuel hopes that through his efforts to inform Nigerian citizens, similar laws can be imposed in their country. It’d allow for an anticipate 77.25% decrease in plastic waste in Lagos and 89% across the entirety of Nigeria. Adeyemi also hopes that all remaining plastics in the country will be melted down and reused dozens of times. It’d drastically benefit our planet. 

Prehistoric Drawings Located in Spain

Northern Spain is home to the latest ancient paintings and carvings discovered by scientists. There are hundreds of carvings displayed in this cave, with some being more than fifteen thousand years. Vivid drawings relate to deer, horses, bulls and numerous symbols that are abstract to our society. Most familiar with prehistoric painting discoveries anticipated these to be found in Altamira, with them being located in Catalonia. Archaeologists and scientists discovered this incredibly decorated cave in October 2019.

It took them four months to release their discoveries, avoiding any potential criminal actions or defacing before examinations were complete. It should be noted that this mysterious Catalonia cave is now being governed by a large security force, which is being supported through the Catalan Institute of Human Paleoecology. These examinations note that these prehistoric paintings and carvings were located in Catalonia for religious purposes, with this location acting as a shrine.

After the initial testing was completed last week, additional archaeologists with proper tools were provided entry into the Catalonia Cave. These individuals used 3D Scanning Technologies to record each of these 200+ carvings, which were engraved into a soft layer of sand deposit. These deposits had re-collected over a 15+ thousand-year period, allowing for their location to remain unidentified since Archaeology Recording began in the modern era. Previous visitors to this location have damaged several of the figures, who would’ve been unaware of these drawings and carvings. Preserving this secretly located cave is now of the utmost importance for expects. The cave will likely be walled off, with permission granted to a minimal few on an unregular basis.

The Ancient Paintings

Archaeologist Experts governing over this Catalonia Cave have expressed that the oldest carving/painting dates back to the Late Stone Age. This is also considered the Upper Paleolithic Period, which follows similar dating’s seen from the Altamira Caves. Those drawings are dated to twenty thousand years, showing that the rate of travel during the Late Stone Age was minimal. Ancient humans traversed to new locations for dire situations, like the requirement for fresh food or new housing.

These researchers expressed that the various uncovered art was painted and carved for two continuous miles, with this location distancing itself by sixty miles from the Altamira Caves in Barcelona. It also took researchers more than 160+ years to find this second location, with the Altamira Caves being located in 1853. Those wanting to see wanting these newly found carvings will have to wait a prolonged period before this cave is opened to the public. 

Greta Thunberg Mural Terminated

The State Department of North Dakota confirmed that an approved mural for Greta Thunberg had been terminated going forward. Meant to be located in Bismarck, substantial backlash faced local politicians for appearing this artwork. Climate change activist and artist, Shane Balkowitsch is disappointed with the cancellation. He proposed the 2.1 Metre Mural to Bismarck authorities, which would’ve meant to honour the young woman who’s inspired thousands worldwide. It would’ve been located on an exterior wall of a downtown bakery, with it resembling an internationally recognized photo of Greta at the Rock Sioux Reservation.

Local government in Bismarck didn’t expect the overwhelming resentment towards the mural. Most of the workforce is employed with coal and oil reserves across North Dakota, with climate activists like Greta Thunberg and Shane Balkowitsch acting as substantial threats towards their industries. It prompted countless individuals to sent threats to Bismarck’s Town Hall, with most expressing that the mural would be destroyed time-and-time again without any hesitation. Government leaders in Bismarck also received threats against their lives for approving this project.

It took this artist a prolonged period to receive permission for this project, with Shane Balkowitsch having to gain access from the building owner of this bakery and the cities zoning staff. When looking through public documents via city records, it’s indicated that the Downtown Design Review Committee in Bismarck and Renaissance Zone Authority in North Dakota, demanded that this project move forward. Local law enforcement under the city records opposed murals development. It should be noted that after these documents were publicly released, the bakeries owner began being threated by unidentified assailants.

The Substantial Backlash

The Brick Oven Bakery is operated by Sandy & Steven Jacobson, who have expressed that they’re considering shutting down the business. The proposed location has still been vandalized, with the Jacobson’s being named traitors to the Bismarck area. It could prompt serious shortcoming with annual profits. Emotional impacts behind this mural became a city-wide issue, which has made the Brick Oven Bakery is a substantial target. Sandy and Steven Jacobson are concerned about leaving the “Mom & Pop Shop” late at night, with those concerns relating to their personal safety and the well-being of the business.

Most individuals worldwide believe that Greta Thunberg is an immature young teenager that cannot express her emotions appropriately. Her last formidable appearance in public saw her cry to world leaders, which allowed the teenager to receive the “Person of the Year” award from Time Magazine. Most believe she isn’t approaching the issues of climate change professionally or maturely. 

Portland Millionaire Create Artistic Home

Most homeowners would be shocked to find out the associated cost of owning property in Portland, Oregon. The area has become infamous for the overpriced property, with this becoming an overall norm across North America. Most individuals wanting to purchase property are concerned with the growing rates. However, one millionaire in Portland doesn’t have any problems selling an overpriced and unneeded home.

Information from the TVA Architecture Firm expressed that they’re selling a mansion located in the Forest Park Region on 5,200 acres for an asking price of $8.65 million. The previous owner is Ned Vaivoda, who has spent several years crafting the blueprints for this project. Subsequently, this home will be unlike any other structure built in the modern era. Terry Sprague, the real estate broker selling this property, said it’s unlike anything he’s ever witnessed and that’s it’s a piece of art. Whoever purchases this property should know it took five years until build completion, which ended in November 2003.

The Vision

When Ned Vaivoda completed this three story residence, it stood with twelve thousand square footage. Its physical design is meant to resemble stone walls from ancient architecture, with modern elements that were far beyond their time, implemented into the home as well. Nearly two decades later and this home remains more current than standard residences built by large-scale developers. Terry Sprague expressed that anybody purchasing this property must have an appreciation for history and art, this is a pre-requisite for the current homeowners.

The emotional connection associated with this property has forced Ned Vaivoda to be particular with whom purchases this property. The architect expressed that he spent more than several hundred hours designing the angles and curves of this home before it was finally constructed. Unfortunately, family obligations are forcing him to sell this dream home. Ned noted that with the money earned, he’ll develop a new property that compiles new visions for the future modern era. It’s for this exact reason that the TVA Architecture

Central Academy of Fine Arts Grand Opening Delayed

The coronavirus has been affecting numerous industries worldwide. The tourism market has lost billions in the last week and is creating a standstill with international fears on travelling. The importing and exporting markets through the Chinese economy have been gridlocked as well. This follows after 170 Chinese Nationals have been killed by this deadly virus, with it continuing to spread and affect hundreds worldwide. It’s considered the worst air-born illness since SARS. Chinese culture is also being influenced, with numerous artistic institutions facing unlikely scenarios throughout the last several days. They’ve been forced to shut down operations until all concerns relating to coronavirus have dissipated. 

It was confirmed this week that the Central Academy of Fine Arts, which was expected to open by February 20th, has cancelled their grand opening indefinitely. The CAFA Director provided information regarding the new date. During their announcement, this museum expressed that reducing mass gatherings is the responsibility of all Chinese nationals. This will lower the outbreak percentages in various Chinese states, which prompted CAFA to postpone their opening. This has caused severe inconveniences to artists that had expected exhibits to display. However, the director confirmed that these individuals wouldn’t take those placements with the future grand opening. 

Biggest Cancellation to Date

This is the most significant cancellation confirmed when it applies to Chinese culture. The Central Academy of Fine Arts is following the Hong Kong Art Basel, which received multiple cancellations following the consistent violent protests in the democratic nation. It’s anticipated that another cancellation will follow the Hong Kong Art Basel with the coronavirus. Subsequently, that specific event would be postponed by twelve months. Multiple galleries for the Art Basel requested that it be terminated, with safety more on the minds of Hong Kong citizens than the pride of art. It’s unknown when all fears relating to the coronavirus outbreak will disappear, meaning it could be months before artistic culture in China or Hong Kong is revitalized. 

The ironic nature behind the CAFAs first event named the Techne Triennial was centred around altering visitors’ sense of reality. Considering that the way of life for Chinese Nationals has been wholly changed, those who would’ve attended this event are receiving an entirely different form of reality. 130 Exhibitions were slated for this event, which would’ve allowed guests to consume thousands of pieces of artwork. 

Artist Survives Australian Fires in New Kiln

Millions throughout Australia were faced with some of the worst weather conditions seen in recorded history. Bushfires consumed a substantial percentage of Southern Australia, devastating buildings and environments in their path. This included Steve Harrison’s home in rural Australia, with the Artists having an incredible story to tell. Without little warning, the flames flew over the hills near Harrison’s house and approached his property. Using sprinklers and pumps, this artist did everything in his power to dampen the inferno.

There wasn’t an option for evacuation, which prompted the 67-year-old to jump inside his Kiln. This followed after Steve Harrison had created a home-based kiln with fireproof ceramic fibres, which he’d built one day prior. Harrison, along with his wife, entered the Kiln with their laptops, hard drives, fire blanket, extinguisher and bottle of water. It should be noted that pottery kilns are known for keeping heat, regardless if it’s inside or outside the Kiln. These design marvels resulted in Steve Harrison and his wife surviving the destructive blaze, which destroyed his entire property and home.

The Damage & Rebuilding Efforts

After emerging from the ceramic Kiln, there were few parts of his home remaining. The steel beams had become warped, with the core structure remaining intact. Only a few items remained undamaged from the blaze, which included his Kiln and most of the pottery created by Steve Harrison. Shockingly, the woodshed that kept his materials experienced minimal damage. This marked the first time that Janine and Steve Harrison had experienced a bush fire on their seven-acre property, which they’ve maintained for 45 years. Janine was expected to evacuate before her husband but remained on the property when authorities couldn’t reach their rural location. This self-reliant couple has lost everything they deem necessary, including family albums and sentimental items.

Steve and Janine Harrison live a few miles outside Balmoral, a small village in the New South Wales region. Balmoral was one of the hardest-hit locations with these bushfires. The Green Wattle Creek fire destroyed 90% of this town. There is a GoFundMe page available for those wanting to support the redevelopment of their property. Previously the Harrison’s have assisted two other families affected by the yearly wildfires that affect Australia. Regardless, Harrison’s have one of the most unique and harrowing stories to tell. December 21st will be one day neither of them forgets going forward, with Steve Harrison planning develop his new home with fire-resistant properties exclusively.

The 100th Anniversary of Women’s Voting Rights

One hundred female artists have been commissioned to create new works of art for the Park Avenue Armory. This project is being completed to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which allowed women to vote in America since 1920 legally. The Park Avenue Armory is partnering with the Upper East Side Art & Performance Club, which hosts art demonstrations throughout New York City. It’s been confirmed that these one hundred new works will be displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The President, Co-Founder and Executive Producer for the Park Avenue Army spoke on this upcoming event. Rebecca Robertson noted that this venue would look back throughout one of the most historic moments in America. It’ll support the creation of artistic works by innovative women, some of which will explore how far we’ve come and how much further we can go in the 2020s. Artworks will centre about the LGBTQ community, modern pregnancy and women’s power in the workplace.

Two events are being hosted in correlation with this project. The 1st being dubbed “The 100 Years of Growth” and the 2nd named “The 100 Years of Women”. Displays will be hosted on February 15th during the “Culture in a Changing America” exposition. Visitors to this venue can anticipate artistic conversations, numerous performances of a creative nature and multiple displays from various female artists.

Confirmed Artists

Participants confirmed for the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Voting Rights were released by the Upper East Side & Performance Club. Kathleen Turner, Beverly Sheftall, Eryn Wise, Jessica Brown, Zoe Buckman, Makeba Rainey and Tatyana Fazlalizadeh have been confirmed to be creating female-centred artworks. Ninety-three artists haven’t been confirmed, with events slated to begin in less than a month. Subsequently, guests can expect multiple surprises in terms of participants. It’s known that artistic institutions like the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Standing Rock will appear at these respective venues.

Guests won’t know the full confirmed list until February 15th. Individuals going to the 100 Years of Women Venue will know the full list of artists, as their event won’t being until May 16th. Regardless, this will be one of the highest-rated artistic celebrations in 2020. Additional institutions that will assist with this venue in its developments include the Julliard School, the Experimental Theatre Company and the Apollo Theatre. Associated ticket costs haven’t been publicly revealed and won’t be until Januarys-end. 

The Best Cyberpunk Art in Video Games

Often people don’t embrace the artistic styles of video games, believing that they don’t contend with showcases in Paris or Milan. However, those individuals would be wrong about the beauty that unfolds with pieces of art in the video game industry. One of the most expressive and beautiful forms of video game art is the cyberpunk demographic. This includes paintings that compile metropolises with neon lights in a dark setting. Often there are slums with criminal underworlds, providing a picture with thousands of stories. Experiencing one of these artworks has individuals blur the lines between reality and this makeshift world.

The modern era allows for this aesthetic to be adopted by hundreds of artists worldwide, which has flourished the level of paintings created in this genre. This article celebrates the two best video games created that portrayed artwork from notable artists and created unforgettable landscapes.


The first of the two notable cyberpunk games we are covering include Observer. Built as a science fiction video game, it’s has players investigate a complicated murder throughout an apartment block. It was inspired by the Blade Runner franchise, meaning that deep blues and oranges are spread across a neon-lite city during the dead of night. When entering the cybernetic mode of this game, visual technology is implemented. This technology applies a blue holographic, which spreads across the layout of this complex. It creates an immersive environment and artistic-styling that continues to be praised today. Players have portrayed this art-style to be aggressive but beautiful, with unforgettable moments of action.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The second game that artistically themed around the cyberpunk genre is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which acted as a sequel to a PlayStation One game. What made the artistic styling of Deus Ex beautiful was the sepia overtone, which was displayed throughout the skyscrapers and streets. Deep oranges with light reds and violet purples created an environment that, to this day, hasn’t been rivaled. All paintings drawn in correlation to this game franchise were completed by Mathieu Latour-Duhaime, who is considered to be the highest-grade artist in the video game franchise. He is a mastermind at creating bustling, lively, metropolises within his paintings. One of his most notable works was for Deus Ex, which saw an urban jungle with electrical wires sprawling to the slums and neon-lights, paving the way from the underground to the upper world skyscrapers. 

Harvard Museum’s Newest Art Display

The Museum of Natural History and Art at Harvard University are expressing their concerns regarding the planet’s food vulnerability with a new exhibition. This comes after economic and nutritional crops that are maintained worldwide are coming under siege. Various bacteria fungi are attacking crops like Bananas, Wheat, and Coffee Beans. These include the Hemileia Vastatrix, Fusarium Oxysporu, and Phytophthora Infestans. Subsequently, the supply of plant-like foods is being more limited and eliminating jobs in the agricultural industry.

The new exhibit displayed by the Museum of Natural History and Art is themed around the 20th/21st Centuries. Rotting fruit is placed into glass models from the 20th century, creating an unconventional conduit that makes for unique beauty. This exhibition is being called the Glass Flowers, with the models being supplied by the Balachka Ware Collection. There are more than 4300 sculptures of flowers, which are built from the rotting fruit. The ware collection provided to Harvard University was created between 1887 and 1936 in Germany. The designers were father and son, named Rudolph and Leopold Balachka.

The Fruits in Decay Exhibit

The Glass Flowers Exhibit isn’t the only showcase at Harvard’s Museum. They’ve implemented a complimenting exhibit named Fruits in Decay. It’s similar to the glass flowers, with a collection of models centered around diseased and rotting fruit-bearing plants. This includes Strawberries, which have been covered by Botrytis Fuzz. There are also tropical leaves that have been broken down by Taphrina Fungus. The final piece of art in this exhibit are Pears, which have been mummified by Phytoplasma.

These nerving exhibits create a sentimental aesthetic to Harvard’s Museum, with viewers often leaving under the mindset of contemplation. These exhibits are meant to be tools for teaching, displaying the delicate structure of our world and its various ecosystems. The time to pay attention to our declining plant, fruit, and vegetable species has never been more critical. It was recently reported that Erwinia Amylovora, more commonly known as Fire Blight, has begun appearing in Apple Orchards across North America. Subsequently, the world’s supply of Red and Green Apples could be under attack from Erwinia Amylovora. This version of Fire Blight is said to be fast-acting, spreading at rates not typically seen since 2000.

Global Agriculture hasn’t ever been more vulnerable than it is this century. Pathogenic Threats are destroying the cultivation of crops, which will force farming into indoor locations, where food supplies can be extensively protected. This will face its own series of problems, with the solutions for these various problems unknown. Hopefully, one of the Harvard Elite is inspired to focus their efforts on crop management after this exhibit.