Canadian Provinces Assisting Artists During Covid-19

Artists throughout various Canadian provinces are receiving financial relief. This follows after the British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario Governments announced that financial aid would be provided throughout the next two months. The Ontario and Alberta Coalitions for assisting local or professional artists will be facilitated through National Cities. Those include Calgary and Toronto. Below we’ve provided insight on their respective relief packages.

British Columbia

Government officials with British Columbia are accounting $3 million in relief funds for Art Organizations. These outfits won’t be permissible to pay bills throughout the pandemic. It was express by the Minister of Arts & Culture that social distancing has proven challenging for everyone, including the art sector. Considering that these artistic outfits were the 1st to agree with government orders on social distancing, their leadership deserves recognition. It should be mentioned that when provincial health officers implemented the social distancing measure, the art community immediately cancelled their festivals and performances.


The Alberta Government is working with the “Calgary Arts Development Group”, who are creating a $1.1 million fund for Covid-19 Relief Aid. These funds will support artistic groups throughout the Calgary region, with funds being taken from local taxes. The details on dispensing these funds haven’t been provided, with it being noted that 170 Organizations will be given grants. This will assist hundreds of artists, who will help the community cope with Covid-19 after everything has settled. It’ll be the artistic and entertainment industries that bring relief after the virus is eliminated.


Doug Ford’s Ontario Government hasn’t assisted the artistic community, believing their non-essential. This prompted the Toronto Arts Council to implement a Covid-19 Response Funds. Named the TO-Artist Covid-19 Response Funds, it’ll assist hundreds of artists in the region throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Relief aid is being supported through the Toronto Arts Foundation & Toronto Arts Council, enabling for $1,000.00 to be earned bi-weekly for Self-Employed Qualifying Artists.

The associated cost with performances and productions being shut down is forcing numerous artists to have limited funds. Considering that Covid-19 isn’t expected to stop throughout Canada until July or June, it’ll be a prolonged period before these actors and actresses can begin their performances again.