Betting and Gambling Songs – Poker Face & The Gambler

Music and the lyrics that go with it has always reflected that which is most important, relationships, betting, love and life. Whether it is pop, country, folk or hip-hop, there are plenty of options available for every musical preference.

Music is by far the most fan-supported artform and also covers every single type of betting or gambling from Vegas casinos. Craps, cards and sports betting, so if you’re a keen bettor, there are bound to be a tune you’d like to bop along to while placing your bets.

The Gambler – Kenny Rodgers

The most known of gambling or betting songs are probably The Gambler sang by Kenny Rodgers, this hit was released in 1978 and told the tale of an encounter a gambler had on a train. Written by Don Schlitz, the song called The Gambler was recorded in Nashville in 1978, and Johnny Cash added it to his album titled Gone Girl. The Gambler became a worldwide hit once the Larry Butler version sung by Kenny Rodgers was released and became won him a Grammy award in 1980. Several of the phrases in the lyrics are still popular with gamblers everywhere. These include knowing when to walk away or knowing when to run, knowing when to hold your cards and knowing when to fold.

Poker Face – Lady Gaga

The hit that makes Lady Gaga a considerable star was Poker Face, it is this song that draws a parallel between the favorite card game and a relationship that made her an international star. As her first ever major hit, Poker Face is based on keeping a neutral face during connections and poker games. It is about not letting the opponent know whether your hand is good or bad and this is when a card game is played by a professional. The set of love is described as a card game, one in which you need to control your emotions and remain neutral, and it’s a trick that many think of as fine art.

When Gaga was interviewed on British television, she shared that the song, Poker Face, was about keeping a poker face at all time especially during intimate moments. Although the synth-pop song is also based on bisexuality. Topping the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australian charts for several weeks. It became the best-selling single in 2009 when 9.5 million copies were sold in a single year.

RedOne and Gaga wrote poker Face and during an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine Gaga explained in detail some of the lyrics and explained it was written to deal with her bisexuality. Poker Face was also performed by Gaga on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Paul O’Grady Show, at the 2009 Much Music Video Awards and at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. Several remixes have since been made of the song and include the Space Cowboy Remix as well as the Jody den Broeder Remix.