Banksy Returns in London’s Underground

Rarely does an artist obtain viral posts on social media, which isn’t the case for Banksy, an unidentified street painter that’s created notable works witnessed by millions worldwide. Located in the United Kingdom, Banksy will find unexpected locations to stuff & dazzle passersby. Nobody has ever uncovered the identity of Banksy, often supporting the concept of his secret character. Banksy’s paintings frequently relate to political statements that’ve angered members of parliament.

After not being seen since drawing painting for the National Health Service in Southampton General Hospital, the unidentified artist would’ve been remaining indoors under lockdown protocols to guarantee personal safety. British, American, Australian, Canadian, and First-World Nations not wearing face masks during the COVID-19 Pandemic prompted the return of Banksy. This became evident with his recently released video on Instagram, which captions “If You Don’t Mask Up, You Don’t Get It”. Since being uploaded to his profile, there have been 1+ million views, with this post becoming more popular than the majority. It’s because for the first-time supporters of Banksy have witnessed his physical frame, noting that this unidentified artist is male.

Video Shows Banksy in London’s Underground

Banksy walks through London’s Underground onto an arriving train, covered in medical gear to assist from COVID-19. This included a White-Pandemic Infection Suit, Gasmask, and Blue Surgical Gloves. While walking onto the train, a spray can & canvas are displayed by Banksy. He quickly begins working throughout the underworld train car, depicting rats from the ceiling. These rodents carry face masks for parachutes & dispense hand sanitizer from bright-blue skies down onto a darkened humanity. His image is meant to define how humanity has become higher carriers of disease & urban waste than the rodent.

The social media posting ends with Banksy walking from the underground train car & back onto the roads of Great Britain. The sounds of “I Get Knocked Down from Chumbawumba” is playing in the background. Banksy is highlighting here that that masking-up against the intolerant will always return to fight another day, inevitably acquiring victory. The final image become the post cuts out are the words “I Get Locked Down, I Get Up Again”. It’s suspected that Great Britain’s Underground will permit this painting to resume in the unidentified train car for months to come.