Asian Prejudice Seen with UK Art Fair

Headlines throughout the global art community shocked thousands when it was revealed that a Vietnamese Curator was terminated because of the Coronavirus. This information was noted on March 5th, with this curator being informed that all Asians are being seen as carries of the Coronavirus. This followed after the British Chief Medical Officer expressed that individuals shouldn’t see Asian citizens as infectious, that this is purely racist.

This Vietnamese curator is being named Nguyen, with the female artist showcasing this racist behaviour through social media accounts. She was approached by Raquelle Azran, another curator and dealer specializing in Vietnamese Fine Art in the contemporary category. Raquelle was fully responsible with Nguyen’s role being terminated with the Affordable Art Show. Miss Azran believes that a Vietnamese presence would create hesitation around their booth.

The title organizers behind the Affordable Art Show publicly stated that they weren’t behind this decision and that it was the sole actions of Raquelle Azran. The event is slated to begin in Battersea, London next week. The AFF Organizers noted that they don’t condone this behaviour and will now hold a formal investigation against Raquelle Azran, indicating that her position has already been terminated.

The official email from Raquelle Azran read that she was sorry to inform Nguyen that her assistance wouldn’t be required at the Affordable Art Show. Azran told the Vietnamese curator that the Coronavirus was creating high anxiety and that Asians are seen as carries of COVID-19. Raquelle Azran believes that the presence of Nguyen would create hesitation for audience guests to enter their exhibition space. Raquelle Azran finished the email by mentioning that she hoped to work with Nguyen again, which won’t be possible going forward.

The Backlash

This Vietnamese curator didn’t take lightly to the racist remarks from Raquelle Azran. It prompted this woman to create a witch-hunt against her former employer. The Vietnamese woman demanded that social media friends share her Instagram and Facebook postings. It inspired more than a million people globally to see the message, including her former employer and the AAF Association.

A spokesperson with this gallery stated that after a mutually agreed-upon decision, Raquelle Azran wouldn’t be provided with the right to attend this gallery. Her racist behaviour is slated to have cost this exhibit holder more than $10,000.00 for the two-day weekend.