Arts Umbrella Institute Announces Silent Auction

Non-Profit Organizations exist for numerous charities, assisting various groups in society with the financial aid required in pursuing their goals or sustaining a normalized lifestyle. Most exhibitions, galas, and auctions surrounding the growth of charitable financial assistance have been terminated amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. Earnings have dropped substantially, forcing Non-Profit Organizations to create innovative ideas to entice their regular donators.

The Arts Umbrella Institution in British Columbia has followed similar formats to other charities, implementing a silent auction. It was announced on October 12th that the “Splash Art Auction & Gala presented by Nicola Wealth” will execute the silent auction format for public attendance. This venue is typically private & meant for an elite group in Canadian society. However, locals across the nation can acquire historical paintings from iconic arts in Canada from their home. Purchasing these artistic works will also support the educational growth of youth interested in art across Canada.

Gala organizers with the Arts Umbrella Institution have requested local arts with prominent names in their community to create new paintings & donate those charitable artworks. Common artists associated with the “Splash Art Auction and Gala” have returned for the digital iteration of this charitable event. There are sixty-four prominent artists from Canada donating their best artworks from 2020. Stoneware, Photography Prints, Sculptures, and Paintings will be available. Notable arts include:

  • Tara Lee Bennet
  • Gina Miller
  • Stacy Lederman
  • Kari Kristensen
  • Lyle XOX

Canadians are known for supporting their local artists similar to the people of Europe. It’s enabled a flourishing artistic community that’s begun dwindling, which came after District School Boards across Canada terminated classes surrounding the arts. It’s been the goal of AUI to provide financial aid to artistic institutions around Canada, enabling the community to continue thriving with future decades.

The Arts Umbrella Institution has assisted thousands of students throughout Canada. Their percentage of free workshops regarding Dance, Theatre, Film, Music, and Art are used at 81% capacity. Parents are requested to make donations but are informed that obligations aren’t necessary. Those interested in purchasing an artistic piece of Canadian history can attend the “Splash Art Auction & Gala” on October 16th, 2020.