American Museums Shutdown Amidst COVID-19

Containing the spread of the coronavirus has become a critical concern for global citizens, with various sporting events and mass gathering having the be cancelled. This applies to museums holding multiple exhibitions across the United States of America. Multiple venues have shut down their operations until March 27th or later.

All venues have been prompted to re-evaluate the situation come months end, with most global analysts agreeing that these postponements for museums will extend to prolonged periods. Notable sites to shut down their operations in the New York Museum of Modern Art, the Washington National Gallery of Art, the New York Whitney Museum, the New York Guggenheim Museum and the Smithsonian Institution. Operation cancellations extend to Washington’s Smithsonian Museum as well.

Public Announcements

The New York Museum of Modern Art publicly revealed their shutdown through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This announcement confirmed that the Satellite Museum would shutdown their artistic-themed activities as well. The period for which individuals cannot enter this public space extends to March 30th.

When it extends to the New York Whitney Museum, they haven’t officially terminated their operations. Instead of being open until 9 pm daily, the venue will be closed until 5 pm and will allow a maximum of one hundred visitors throughout the facility. Their public announcement mentioned that the highest priority is the wellbeing of volunteers, attendees and employees. It should be noted that more severe actions could’ve been taken.

When it applies to the National Gallery, they’ll be shutting down their operations starting on March 13th. This closure period will extend until April 4th, with this decision being made hours after the Genoese Baroque Art Exhibition was terminated. Museums are becoming concerned that obtaining loans from banking institutions and donators will become challenging in the coming months. This will make it challenging to reopen under these pandemic conditions.

The Smithsonian Institution

Most aren’t aware that the Smithsonian Institution operates seventeen locations throughout Washington, with an additional two following with New York. All iterations of the Smithsonian Institution will shut down following the WHO’s declared pandemic. This includes the Smithsonian American Art Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Design Museum, National Museum of African American History, the American Indian Museum and the Cooper-Hewitt Art Institution. It’s not known when they’ll reopen.