All Las Vegas, Moody Blue, The Winner Takes it All and Shape of My Heart Betting Gambling Songs

When massive stars release hits about Las Vegas, Winners and Tumbling Dice become hits and you realise just how vital gambling is in both the real and art world. Thousands of painters have created sensational art pieces
regarding horse racing, soccer, rugby and other sports forms and when it comes to art sports, sports betting and gambling are some of the most popular themes.

Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley

Every playlist includes one track sang by the King and in most cases that track is Viva Las Vegas. It was also the theme song for the film in which Elvis Presley can be seen as Lucky Jackson, released in 1964. Viva Las Vegas is a song about the love for the casino haven we all know as Las Vegas. It is a celebration of the thrill of betting, the bright lights of Vegas and how it sets everyone’s souls on fire as the stakes rise higher. Moody Blue is another song by Elvis Presley that combines gambling with relationships; in this hit, he refers to the feelings he has for a special lady as being a gamble.

The Winner Takes it All – Abba

Everyone loves the Swedish pop band Abba; some admit it others don’t. Still one of their most popular tracks remains The Winner Takes it All. The title of the road is a common gambling phrase and whether gamblers inspired the title or the title made the phrase even more popular is still arguable. The song most believe was recorded after Bjorn Ulvaeus got divorced from Agnetha Faltskog. It about how the winner walks away with all and the loser remaining behind without anything and feels small. Shape of my Heart – Sting.

Shape of my Heart – Sting

Not everyone pays close attention to the lyrics of most songs. Probably only die-hard Sting fans have noticed that the Shape of my Heart is all about the luck and fate of a poker player. Now that you know what the song is about. It is easy to identify what it is all about; it explains that a player plays for money, not respect and that the right numbers can lead to a victory dance. When interviewed, Sting, told that the song is about a gambler, featured as a card-playing philosopher.

Ace of Spades – Motorhead

NetEnt recently released a video slot in celebration of the band, although it was not the first time Motorhead’s music had some ties with gambling. The signature song of the massive rock ban is Ace of Spades released in 1980, and the slot machines inspired it, Lemmy loved to play in pubs in London. White Line Fever is the title of his autobiography after he passed away in 2015. It included how he could not sing about spinning wheels and fruits and therefore packed in several metaphors into his songs.