Adding Personality to Your Home With the Usage of DIY Lettering

Going through a quick search on will show you a countless number of images filled with decorative DIY inspiration. One that truly stood out the most was a DIY creation of a centrepiece for a coffee table, which was created using short flowers which were inserted into paper letterings to make the word “bloom” look even liver.

Due to the rising popularity of DIY, creating your own signs is no execution. Al sorts of letterings, from spelling out a phrase, name, saying, or even a greeting has been growing with home décor. The reasoning is due to the personalized touch that it adds to your home and makes it more “you”.

Although, the true fun is that you can find these letters anywhere. You can buy letter blocks in a crafts stores – which can be made out of wood, metal, glass, paper-mache, cardboard – or basically, any material that you can think of. Which can lead to the obvious question of how should you design the letters? That’s where the true fun comes in as its completely up to you!
Marcie McGoldrick, the editorial director of crafts for the iconic Martha Stewart Living series, stated that in the last few years, a shift towards personal invention has been growing, and the best way to do it at times is to either have something custom made, or do a fun DIY that you can colourful of.

What is Word Art

Word art can be a considered a variety of things. Such as covering the letters you find with glitter, filling them up with colorful sand or beads, or even placing fake (or living) flowers to create a stunning floral design. Heck, you can even go as far as to take a more nature-inspired look and add rocks or leaves. Basically, anything you want to design your letters in or with is considered word art, and anyone can be an artist.

One example is from an Esty store, which is called Emma & the Bean. This store will turn your personal information, such as a wedding date, the family birthday, or any important date into a stunning work of word art of your choosing. Which goes with what McGoldrick was stating, the personal touch is becoming trendier than having a home that looks like a model one.

How Can I Make Word Art?

There are so many ways to make word art that is nearly impossible to run out of them. Although, if you’re looking for some suggestions, a few expect may home some perfect advice for you.McGoldrick has thrown the idea that using a combination of chalkboard paint and vintage décor paint, which both can be found on Amazon or a crafts store, which will give your letting DIY a timeless appearance without having to drop hundred. Plus, doing it on wood letting has been shown to look the best.

Another suggestion is the usage of lightweight chipboard lettings which can be easily painted and decorated. Plus, they are the perfect letters if you want to have them hanging on a string on the wall over a series of family photos.