A Decade After His Death, On the Wall Celebrates Michael Jackson’s impact on Art

The king of Pop would have turned 60 in August, with the almost decade that has passed since thousand had to say their final goodbyes to one of the biggest icons of our times. The “On the Wall” exhibition hosted in Finland, Bonn and Paris offers Michael Jackson paintings from more than 48 artists, the diverse group is made up from artists from several generations, different backgrounds, generations, ethnicity and nationalities, which means the art forms include a plethora of mediums. This defines the “On the Wall” exhibition as both a memorabilia collection and biography. It offers fans a reflective selection of art celebrating the idol’s career, fashion, dance and music while it also offers a study of the king of pop’s fame. The exhibition scheduled to continue for the next two years, touring Europe, is a dedication to the influence Jackson had on contemporary art.

Michael Jackson Exhibition Sparked During Exploration for an Andy Warhol Exhibition

It all started with portraits of Jackson, screen prints done for the Time magazine back in 1984, which made Cullinan realize just how many artists have been fascinated by Michael Jackson, his fame, his career and his fashion. It became clear that the idol of millions had a huge impact on contemporary art. The most visually-striking art pieces include the display by David LaChapelle, his diverse display include hyper-real photographs on a large-scale, including the short film of Jackson’s Billie Jean, while the later pieces include Jackson portrayed as the American Jesus, showing him becoming both a martyr and saint. Other highlights of the exhibition also include the work of Candice Breitz, the South African displays over 16 videos of Michael Jackson fans singing his biggest hits in German, which includes Thriller.

Never Seen Before Portrait – Equestrian of King Michael Jackson

It is the first time ever that the Equestrian Portrait of King Phillip II aka Michael Jackson is on display, painted by Kehinde Wiley reinterpreting the King of Spain painting by Ruben. The Dangerous concert part of Michael Jackson’s tour in Bucharest on film is part of the exhibition, while one of the highlights is also the first ever displayed selection of priceless photo’s showing Andy Warhol rubbing shoulders with a youthful Jackson, by Faith Ringgold, naming it the “Who’s Bad”

Lorraine O’Grady based in New York also added her collection to the exhibition. The art exhibition offers millions of Michael Jackson fans the opportunity to celebrate the life of one of the biggest stars of all times and with several art pieces on display for the very first time, the possibility already exists that the tour could continue for more than two years and visit several countries. There is no doubt that it will be one of the most well-attended art exhibitions in Europe and everywhere else in the world, which confirms that the king of pop enjoys as much popularity now as he did when he was alive!